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About Us

XX Software Technology Co., Ltd. of  Xingsha Economic Development Zone is located , the technology research and development of a set of large sites, network marketing software R & D as well as the network marketing service in one of the high-tech software companies is one of a handful of domestic enterprises to master the core technology in the field of network marketing software, bulk software, web crawler, a large construction site. Relying on the company's core technology, products for different industries, different sizes, different applications and solutions. At the same time, we have the perfect network infrastructure services, to businesses or individuals to provide domain name registration, web hosting, business offices, website acceleration, database, cloud host ne...

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  • Address:Room 906, 8th Building Spring Garden, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China
  • Fax:86-010-12345678
  • Mobile:86-13512345678
  • Email:12345@qq.com


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